The installation process has taken as little as 30 minutes and all we ask is that you give us access to where you want the system to go. You and your employees can get a great solution with minimal effort added to your already full plate.

The installation process is very similar to having data cables run in that there are no exposed lines and faceplates on any wall incisions. Our H2O Engineers strive to make it look like there is nothing attached to your system at all! 

You do not have to have a water source located close to the system. We have installed systems where the closest water source was hundreds of feet away. Our professional installation team will make it work! 
Reverse osmosis with quadruple filtration and activated oxygen injection will leave you with the highest quality, best tasting drinking water. 85% of our customers report they started drinking more water with our solution in place! 
Our solution scales all the way from 2 person households to major corporations because consumption is a component of the price. If you drink less water, your payment will be less. We are always right in line with what a bottled solution would cost but in most instances we actually save our customers money. We've seen up to an immediate 50% savings! 
Our full-service rental agreements take care of everything. All parts, service, filters and proactive filter changes are included. All you need to do is enjoy the water!